Welcome to the total renovation of a property on the Obrechtstraat in The Hague.

When you view the video clip you will see the actual state of the house. During the video clip you will be taken on the journey that this property has made. The end result is astonishing! Bouwbedrijf Citroen has altered this according to its own ideas and creativity. The property once belonged to an investor who outsourced the work and allowed us to alter it before it was sold.

What happened exactly during this alteration work?
Oak tongue-and-groove parquet laid
Built-in cupboards installed
Natural stone bathroom installed
Entirely new kitchen installed with a ‘Boretti’ gas cooker
American stainless steel refrigerator
The kitchen worktop is made of natural stone
The entire property was plastered and painted
An earth rod was also installed
Fourteen electricity groups were installed
A new boiler was installed: a Dalderop efficiency boiler
Stainless steel fittings
New door and window frames, fitted with double glazing
The installing of battens
New skirting boards fitted throughout
All boilers fitted with bespoke encasing
A new fence was erected in the garden and the floor elements in the garden are by ‘Bankirai’

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